Grinding Machine

Mark: Viscat Fulgor


Automatic grinding machines for plane knives. Automatic feeding of grinding wheel. Strong frame to absorbe the vibration during grinding. Carriage movement on linear guide ways and sliding blocks. Base and cooling system included.


Distance between grinding wheel and chuck 10 mm

Carriage speed 3,7 m/min

Automatic down feeding grinder 0,02-0,05 mm

Grinder motor power n°1x1,5 kw

Feeding motor power n°1x0,09 kw

Pump motor power n°1x0,06 kw

Voltage 400 or 230 V three-phase (on request 230 V single-phase)

Ceramic grinding cup dimensions Ø (Ext x Int )x Thickness (125 x 16) x 50 mm

Machine dimensions D x W x H : 480 x 1500 x 1350 mm

Machine weight 208 kg

Packing dimensions D x W x H: 1000 x 1700 x 1550 mm

Total weight with wooden crate 275 kg