The Record 130 is the ideal machine for companies that want to acquire a CNC Router without having to make a large investment and obtain technology at the same time. It is a perfect machine when individual components (Plastic, wood and Panels) have to be machined.

Automatic 12-position tool changer allows you to machine several different profiles in the same cycle.
Powerful and reliable, with the SCM POWER 2000 electro-spindle and HSK 63 F tool taper.
- Heavy duty steel frame with stiffening ribs for extra stability
Pressurized spindle to keep dust outside of the spindle
Ceramic ball bearings ensure longer spindle life
Power 2000 electrospindle with lifetime lubrication and HSK 63 tool taper coupling
Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with eight tool capacity
Multi-function worktable allows parts to be machined using elevated vacuum cups, spoilboards (for Nested Based Manufacturing), or directly on the table itself
Telesolve remote diagnostics
Safety Bumpers and Fence

Model Record 130
Year of manufacture 2002 ce

Worktable dimensions 3000 x 120mm

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